W O R K                   T E X T                   A B O U T   M E

Series of 10 works / acrylic on canvas / 80 x 80 cm

L I F E   U N D E R   A   M I C R O S C O P E

“I try to bring to the surface realities which we don’t see, but they are there, so close to us, sometimes in us.”

Moving from Chile to New Zealand in 2002 generated an internal shift; I felt the need to “make” with my own hands. Maybe it was a way to fill the emptiness, or rather experiment with the “empty” time I had in my hands. They were months of trial and error, first pencil, followed by collage, until I finally reached painting. This series marked the beginning of my journey as an artist.

The Arts Centre / November 2004

This series of paintings were exhibited at The Arts Centre, Christchurch, New Zealand.

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