W O R K                   T E X T                   A B O U T   M E

Galería Patricia Ready / November 2012

190.  05.  01

“It’s an loyal, persistent and rigorous record;
an obsession for feeling in control,
when in reality, we don’t control a thing.”

In 2010 Chile was shaken by a strong earthquake. Everything we thought as stable and permanent became fragile and uncertain. This was my starting point, to work with a fragile material, moldable, open to change. Needle and thread. Black, white and gray. Like a monk, I began a ritual. A simple pattern of crosses, one beside the other, a magical and powerful act. As a result of that hope to capture instants 190.05.01 was born, after sewing for 190 hours, 5 minutes and a second.

Serie of 10 works, embroidery on fabric / 100 x 100cm

These 10 embroideries and an installation of 49 square canvases wrapped in thread were exhibited in November 2012, at Galería Patricia Ready.

Installation “ Sic Transit ” / 49 canvases wrapped in thread / 600 x 210cm

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