I look for silence, a mind free of words, free of thoughts, free of language, a mental silence. Following a rhythm, I instinctively repeat an act, a mark, then another, this insubstantial gesture is the daily foundation that I use to register every day.

It is my infinite habit.

Ana Catalina Vicuña was born in Chile (1977), where she pursued a career in graphic design  at Universidad Católica de Chile. In 2002 she moved to New Zealand, where she started her artistic career with her first solo exhibition “Life under a microscope” (2004, The Arts Centre). She later returned to Chile where her work has been exhibited widely. Her main exhibitions in Chile were “Mente Serena” (2009, Patricia Ready Gallery), “190.05.01” (2012, Patricia Ready Gallery), and “Otro lugar aquí mismo” (2015  XS Gallery). Her work has also been exhibited in group exhibitions abroad (France, Spain, USA, and New Zealand); and at international art fairs, such as Slick Art Fair (Paris, 2013) and Art al Vent (Spain, 2015). Ana Catalina’s work is part of private collections, such as Masisa Company and Talca University.

Back in New Zealand she exhibited her exhibition “Tides” (2019 PG Gallery). In 2023 her last solo exhibition “Infinite Habit” was showed at Sala Gasco Arte Contemporáneo, Santiago, and at the gallery “Tierra del Fuego” in Punta Arenas, Chile.

She currently lives and works in Requínoa, VI region, Chile.

A R T I S T   C V


2023  [Hábito Infinito] Sala Tierra del Fuego / Punta Arenas, Chile

2023  [Hábito Infinito] Sala Gasco Arte Contemporáneo / Santiago, Chile

2019   [Tides] PG Gallery 192 / Christchurch, New Zealand

2015   [Geografía hecha a mano] Galería XS / Santiago, Chile

2012   [190:05:01] Galería Patricia Ready / Santiago, Chile

2009   [Mente Serena] Galería Patricia Ready / Santiago, Chile

2004   [Life under a microscope] The Arts Centre / Christchurch, New Zealand


2018   [Xmas Show] PG Gallery 192 / New Zealand
2017   [America] galerie des PetitsCarreaux / France
2015   [XII Art al Vent Fair] / Spain
2013   [Cousu Main] galerie Des PetitsCarreaux / France
2013   [Slick Fair] París / France
2012   [Arte Textil Contemporáneo] MNBA / Chile
2011   [About Change] The World Bank / USA
2011   [Arte religioso] galería Patricia Ready /Chile
2010   [V Concurso Arte Joven] mención honrosa, MAVI / Chile
2007   [II Concurso Arte Joven] MAVI / Chile
2007   [Instantes de Perfección] galería Macma Arte / Chile
2006   [Ciclo de una Vida] Casas de Lo Matta / Chile
2005   [Masisa apoya el Arte] galería Trece / Chile


Masisa Company, Chile
Universidad de Talca, Chile


2000 BA in Design, Universidad Católica, Chile

represented by

Galerie Des Petits Carreaux
PG gallery 192


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