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I look for silence, a mind free of words, free of thoughts, free of language,
a mental silence.
Following a rhythm, I instinctively repeat an act, a mark, then another, this insubstantial gesture is the daily foundation that I use to register every day and moment.

It is my infinite habit.

Ana Catalina Vicuña

Ana Catalina Vicuña was born in Chile (1977), where she was trained and worked as a graphic designer. In 2002 she moved to Christchurch (New Zealand) where she started her artistic career. Three years later, she returned to Chile and her work has been exhibited widely, in solo and group exhibitions in Chile and abroad (France, Spain, USA and New Zealand); also in international art fairs, such as Slick Art Fair (Paris, 2013) and Art al Vent (Spain, 2015). Ana Catalina’s work is part of private collections, such us Masisa Company and Talca University. She moved back to New Zealand and has been living and working there since 2017.

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