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This is the context of an open conversation with the Chilean artist Ana Catalina Vicuña, now resident in New Zealand, about her next exhibition in that country.

This extreme magical land, a place where nature is protagonist and by design of it, humanity dwells, lives, grows, dreams and dies as in any place of the world; human being coexists fully with nature, in all the extension of this beautiful island, in its long and wide territory.

It is this place, a territory of diverse landscapes, all of them rough, soft, fluid, overwhelming and magical, that humanize its inhabitants; of abrupt cliffs and undulating plains, of dense forests, rivers, wetlands and infinite oceans that extend beyond the gaze of its dwellers.
Here the air is more air
The green becomes greener
The water more watery
and light more pristine.

The humid and fanciful clouds
make up the changing landscape of the island.
Mobile vapors charged of sweet maple
Green the forests
The grazing lands
The meadows even greener.

The wells and rivers are filled in their abundance.

An open clear sky
Nests stars still unnamed
A lost sailor gazes at the firmament in the middle of the ocean
A woman in mainland
looks up to the sky and wonders before everything
from the humility of her nothingness.

Who am I? Who are we?
And what have I come to this earth?

They are questions yet to be answered
like the coastal rocks
as old as they are true
mute witnesses of all ages.

Vicente Gajardo


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