Tides, PG Gallery / June 2019
Series of 8 works, watercolour on paper / 64 x 96 cm

“It began as an exercise, an experiment. Surrounded by water, stepping on loose lands, this was a way to accept my own reality: temporary, suspended, and vulnerable. As tides, sometimes high, and sometimes low, this exercise became a ritual, my prison and my refuge.”

In May 2018, I began working on a series of watercolours following my moving to Christchurch, New Zealand. First I started working on a smaller scale, each work had its own sheet of paper and was separate from the next, but after laying all 9 works on the floor, I felt the need for exploring what would happen if the watercolour went past the boundaries of the paper. This ‘experiment’ resulted in “Tides”, a single work composed by 9 sheets of paper, that allowed me to debunk all the myths surrounding watercolour.
“Tides” and a selection of my earlier watercolours were exhibited in June 2019 at PG Gallery, Christchurch, New Zealand.

Tides, Installation of 9 sheets / watercolour on paper / 192 x 288 cm

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