Serie of 7 works / embroidery on napkin / 52 X 52 cm

“Handmade geography is a quest of the invisible territory of present time. Each thread that pierces the fabric marks the passage of time and accept the slow rate of maturation of the concepts that live in time: patience, perseverance and elegance.”

After some years working with a limited colour palette (whites, blacks and greys), naturally I felt the need to explore with a wider variety of colours. By observing the different hues and shades of my own garden and their transformations throughout the year, I began to elaborate this collection of embroideries.  
These embroideries were exhibited in November 2015, at Galeria XS.

Serie of 10 works / embroidery on fabric / 42 X 42 cm

“Sewing transports me to another time, it’s the exit of time and the entrance to a new level of conscience.” 

Serie of 5 works / embroidery on fabric / 96 X 96 cm

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